Rear Windshield & Side Glass

Replacing Rear and Side Windshield Glass

If your car’s rear windshield or side glass gets damaged, it will most likely need to be replaced. Side glass and rear windshields (also referred to as rear glass, back glass, or the rear window) are manufactured very differently than front windshields. Front windshields are made out of laminated glass, a type of safety glass that is shatter-proof. The rest of a car’s body glass, including rear windshields and side glass windows, are made out of tempered glass. When tempered glass, also a safety glass, is struck with enough force, it will crumble into thousands of granular pieces, making rear windshields and passenger windows impossible to repair.

We only use glass manufactured to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards, which means your replacement rear windshield or side glass will be high-quality, safe and as good as the car’s original piece of glass. Our certified auto glass specialists adhere to the U.S Motor Vehicles Safety Standards to ensure occupant safety and vehicle integrity. A Hatchett Glass auto glass specialist will make sure the proper rear windshield or side glass is ordered and that your glass is installed properly.

Our goal is to make sure your auto glass replacement is quick, convenient and easy for you. That’s why our technicians are able and proficient at mobile replacement services as well as controlled environment replacements. Let us know how we can serve you. We also work with all insurance companies, making the auto glass replacement process easy for you. For a free quote on your auto glass windshield replacement, fill out our easy online form.