Home Window Replacement

Your windows account for much of your home’s energy that is either retained or lost. Your heating and cooling system needs to be efficient and this includes insulation and reducing air leakage. Some studies have shown up to 80% of a home’s inefficiency comes from around windows and doors.

Broken glass and leaky window frames create uncomfortable drafts in the home as well as high energy bills.  Structurally, leaky window frames can create even more problems for the home if moisture gets in and allows mold and wood rot to form. This can lead to the perfect habitat for an insect infestation, especially carpenter ants.

A broken window is a fairly clear decision when it comes to your replacing glass in your home. Replacing, and in some cases repairing the window means regaining the energy-efficiency and view lost from the broken glass. However, understanding when it’s time to replace existing windows, ones without broken glass, requires more information and assessments.

Replace Inefficient Windows and Glass Doors

If your home has very old and/or inefficient windows, like single-pane windows, it might be more cost effective to replace them rather than try to improve their energy efficiency. Heating and cooling are found to be anywhere from 50-75% of energy bill costs and energy-efficient windows and glass doors eventually pay for themselves through lower heating and cooling costs. Most people will save 35% of their heating and cooling costs each year by replacing single pane aluminum windows and sliding doors with energy efficient fiberglass windows and doors.

Should You Consider Window Replacement?

There are several signals that your windows are deteriorating. These telltale signs will help you determine if your home’s windows are in need of replacement. Any energy audit from a professional will help determine if and where your home is losing valuable energy.

  • Warm or cool spots near the inside of the window means windows are not adequately insulating the house.
  • Peeling paint on the exterior of the house can be caused by moisture traveling through improperly sealed windows and back out the exterior. In older homes, exposure to UV rays and temperature extremes may cause exterior frames to expand and contract, causing paint to peel.
  • Rot. It’s hard to stop once it starts, and keeping the old window requires replacing the wood, a difficult job, and then maintaing it regularly.
  • Sagging casement (crank-out) windows. You can usually replace worn-out crank mechanisms, but bent or worn hinges are tougher and replacements don’t always solve the problem.
  • Condensation, frost and ice buildup may form on the windows when inadequate insulation or poor thermal material allows a too-quick transition from hot to cold air. Fogging that occurs between double-pane glass requires a replacement, sometimes of the entire sash.
  • Outside noise and drafts find their way into the home as insulation around a window deteriorates.
  • Difficulty opening and closing windows from swelling and warping.
  • Shockingly high energy bills.

Benefits of Replacing Glass Windows and Doors

Improved Energy Efficiency, Insulation and Comfort

Replacing your windows and glass doors are the greenest home improvement you can make. Replacing glass windows and doors not only saves you money but saves more energy than recycling, fluorescent bulbs and ceiling fans all put together! Thousands of glass options are available to achieve optimal energy efficiency, and therefore comfort, including double-pane and triple-pane windows, Low-E glass and other forms of insulating glass.

Increase Home Value and Curb Appeal

According to the National Association of Realtors, replacement windows increase your home’s value by about 97% of the cost of the windows. For 2012-2013, realtors estimate that at least 70% of replacement window costs are recouped in the sale (based on vinyl and wood windows) and is an increase from the previous year.

Curb appeal is increased by many exterior home improvements, including replacement windows and glass doors that beautify the home. A variety of design options are available to complement your home, including custom cuts, decorative glass, safety glass, sliding glass panels, and more.

Low-Maintenance and Ease of Operation

The highest quality replacement windows stay looking like new and are virtually maintenance-free. Many resist discoloring, warping, rotting, corrosion, denting, rust and don’t require sanding, scraping, or painting. Many of these benefits allow the windows to lift, swing and slide easily year after year.

Increase Safety and Security

New windows and doors offer improved security options compared to older glass window and door models. Replacing broken glass always improves safety and security.

Reduce Interior Fading

Materials such as carpet, fabrics, paper, artwork, paints and wood may fade upon exposure to sunlight. Glass with protection against UV light can influence the type and intensity of transmitted radiation.

Filter Noise

Reducing outside noise can make your home more relaxing.

Easy Installation from Hatchett Installers

Our expert installation team helps create optimal energy-efficiency and a smooth experience.

Tax Deductions

Energy efficient windows may be eligible for tax deductions.