Custom Glass & Mirrors

Hatchett Glass specializes in providing and replacing custom glass and mirrors for any residential project. As a full service glass replacement and repair company, we offer custom glass and mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes to help create and rebuild your home’s windows and doors, furniture, and more. From broken windows and mirrors to custom built furniture that needs its first glass insert or tabletop, our skilled technicians will make sure your home’s new glass or mirror is a perfect fit.

We strive to provide the best residential glass and mirror service in Knoxville, TN, and providing custom glass and mirror options is one way that Hatchett Glass achieves this goal. No glass project is too big or too small; we are happy to provide and replace broken glass of any size or shape, for any project. We can provide the perfect replacement glass or mirror for your one-of-a-kind windows, glass doors, furniture, picture frames, and mirrors. Let our custom cut glass and mirrors be the finishing touch for your residential, home, hobby, and home business needs.

At Hatchett Glass, our residential glass team primarily works with homeowners, but we also gladly work with hobbyists and artists looking for glass to frame their artwork as well as artisans and furniture builders in need of custom glass and mirrors for tabletops, inserts, and more. Our top quality glass and mirrors will make sure your home is beautiful and functional, while our conservation quality glass will help finish and protect your precious works of art. Let us know how we can help you finish or fix all of your custom glass and mirror projects.

Custom Residential Glass Projects:

  • Picture Frame Glass
  • Table Tops Glass
  • French Door Glass
  • Patio Door Glass
  • Glass Shelves
  • Decorative Inserts
  • Glass Enclosures
  • Custom Furniture
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Bathroom Mirror
  • Mirrored Doors
  • Conservation Glass for Artwork
  • Glass Shower Doors and Surrounds
  • Custom Window Shapes and Sizes
  • And more!